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Star Trek / Zelda : unnamed crossover

Just something I wrote a looooong while ago.

TITLE: Unnamed
PAIRING: None...
SUMMERY:“Swear to the Goddesses, Navi. If you point out something obvious like a door that needs a key, I’m not going to be responsible for what I do.”

Basically, Kirk and Spock go down to a planet that seems to be having civil turmoil and they want to help.

  “Link! Hey!”

The teen slammed his mug of cheap ale on the table, the force causing his earring to vibrate. He glared up at the small ball of light. “Swear to the Goddesses, Navi. If you point out something obvious like a door that needs a key, I’m not going to be responsible for what I do.”

“No! It’s nothing like that! Listen. Look over at those two men that just walked in!” The little ball of light flew over their heads, drawing Link’s attention. He strained his pointed ears to hear the conversation they were having with the bar-tender as she flew back to him.

“Hello there, friend!”

The bar man grunted and looked up. “Well well! A human! Traveling with a Hylian. Never thought I’d see the day. Don’t you lot normally stick to your Ordona province and be done with ye?”

“Ah…” The human man seemed rather uncomfortable. “Yes. See… we’re friends from… way back.” He shook his hands. “But that… isn’t the point… right now.”

Link raised his eyebrows. The man spoke strangely, and his mouth didn’t quite match up with the words he said.

“We’re trying to find out who’s…” the human looked at his Hylian friend. “In charge… around here.”

“In charge?” The barkeep laughed. “Well, that’d be Ganondorf, as much as ye can call ‘im ‘in charge’.”

The Hylian spoke up in the strange way the human did. “We were hoping to gain an audience with him. Would you know the proper channels to arrange that?”

“Why would you want to see him?” Link spoke without even thinking, but caused both of the new-comers to turn towards him.

Navi jingled above Link’s head and hid under his hat. “Oh, now you’ve done it, Link. You’re not nearly rested up after the Spirit Temple. You can’t take them both on!”

“Hush, Navi. They do not come looking for quarrel.” Link reached into his hat to pull her out as the two men walked over. He looked up and gestured for them to take two of the empty chairs around his table. “I can hardly understand why the two of you would be looking for the one responsible for all the destruction around here.”

The human leaned forward. “Yes! That’s it exactly it! We were hoping to find him

That's it. I'm not sure if I'll finish it but I can certainly see it unfolding in my head hahaha
Tags: character: kirk, character: link, character: spock, star trek, unfinished, zelda

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